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What Are the Best Mobile App Development Companies?

So, you have decided to create your app and need a reliable partner in the face of a mobile app development company. Now it is the right time you choose a good partner ready to implement your ideas and bring your mobile business to the next level.

There are many tips and mobile app development reviews. However, this information may not be enough to opt for the best agency. The best bet is to establish an interview for every particular candidate. Do not be afraid of asking questions. We have prepared a set of question to app development companies letting you determine, which of them will meet your expectations.

Questions for App Developers

  1. What Platforms are you specialized in?

You need to make things clear from the very start and avoid wasting precious time. Decide what platform your app will be for (iOS, Android or Windows) and ask developers whether they are specialized in such type of development. Cross-platform app development will certainly be a huge plus.

  1. Do you have a fixed development structure?

The idea is to clarify whether a company is able to cover all stages of the development cycle. As a rule, independent developers and freelancers deal with coding only. That is obviously not enough. The best deal is to choose a team that consists of designers, engineers, developers, testers and promoters. It will prevent you from additional spending in future and keep in touch with the developing progress at every stage.

  1. Do you offer monetizing tools?

You run a business to earn money. You create an app to earn on a number of downloads. There is nothing wrong in asking whether a company provides monetizing tools as well. If the answer is “yes”, further optimization is required. It means that an agency should also have specialists and digital marketing and promotion.

  1. How do you interact with your customers?

If you are kept in the loop about the app development process, it will definitely lead to success. You need to find out how a company communicates with customers. Reputable agencies provide clients constant updates on a daily basis letting them track the entire process. At the same time, a developer should offer communications tools that suit you fine.

  1. Do you proceed with testing?

Testing is not just a closing part of the development process. The very stage turns your primary idea into an award-winning product featuring smooth and fast operation without the slightest bug. Do not forget to indicate the type of testing used by a particular developer. Several major testing types range from AB to stress. Pay attention that not all of them can be relevant to your product.

  1. Is promotion included in the process?

Reputable app development companies offer full-scale services from discovering your needs to submission your app to the app store. You need to find out whether a submission is included in the development process. Some companies are not allowed publishing while others can be subscribed to all major app stores.

  1. Do you use innovative techs?

The mobile world is full of new features and innovative things. Whenever you want to make your app as attractive to users as possible, you need to include all those things in your product. GPS, Bluetooth and Wi-Fi integration, Beacons are great things. However, there is still so much to explore. You need to find out what type of innovative techs are used by the app developer.


With so many ratings and reviews about mobile app development companies, some may still find it rather hard to opt for the right developer. Asking the right questions is the key to a successful partnership and beneficiary business.