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About XCubeLabs

XCubeLabs takes the first places in the list of popular mobile application development companies. There are over 600 applications released by this company. Among XCubeLabs clients there are 500 big companies and many startups. XCubeLabs has released several award winning software products, therefore this company is number one on the market these days. They are well-known due to successful mobile application products. The company is aimed not only to develop the program for mobile devices but to gain successful outcomes for the clients. Offering creative mobile solutions this team cooperates with clients and delivers excellent results. XCubeLabs uses innovative approach to resolve any tasks and issues. They invest time and efforts into quality research, design and development. The company is oriented on a positive user experience. XCubeLabs dedicated team of professionals presents creative thinking, unusual problem solving approach, strong technical skills, innovative ideas and huge responsibility. Over 300 company’s consultants are scattered throughout the world, helping people with mobile application development.

Cooperation with XCubeLabs you will get the following: mobile game development, design of mobile applications, mobile strategy consultations, and enterprise mobility solutions.

[x]cube LABS Services

  • Digital Strategy Consultations

We know everything about current digital world. Our team members trace various tendencies and new technologies, therefore we create innovative solutions for our customers. XCubeLabs has been serving many Fortune 100 brands. Moreover, we have built a strong partnership with some good startups. Today our digital world is full of multiple possibilities and we want to discover all them to develop functional applications for clients.

  • Mobile

We specialize on Apple mobile applications. Currently, we have more than 700 completed mobile application projects on multiple platforms. According to our inner statistics we generated $2 billion profit for our customers. Large corporations and famous firms prefer to order our development services when they need creative mobile solution.

  • Design

Every person from XCubeLabs has unusual, creative thinking. Together we are able to make even impossible things. Our award winning applications have innovative design and usable interface. Our success is built on experience and creativity.

  • Our Strategy

Modern business owners have many cool online tools to increase the market share, gain new clients and make more money. We can help form an effective strategy for achieving any goals. We are not afraid of innovative, challenging projects.

  • Marketing

Marketing in the mobile world is especial. Marketers understand power of mobile devices and want to impact lot of people. We also know how to make any application popular and increase number of downloads. It is simple. However, unlike our rivals, we offer something more. We promise to change your marketing strategy and put it on the next level.

  • Cross Platforms

Different online platforms are available for users of mobile application, it is normal. XCubeLabs is here to explain you everything about platform fragmentation or mobile gadgets diversity. We can consult you and provide multi-platform experience.

  • Cloud Services

Cloud and mobile are two things that can not be separated. We have diverse computer cloud services. Our specialists can build a cloud based strategy and cloud migration. Depending on your business needs we will offer you our cloud services.

  • Games Development

We like to play games and develop them! Madagascar, Star Trek Trexels and Tap Zoo are just some of our best online games. Currently, there are around 10 million downloads of our games. We know how to develop cool games.

  • Wearables

XCubeLabs offers services for development of wearables applications, for example Google watches, Smart Clothing, Google Glass applications. Thanks to these innovative applications you will stay technically modern person.

  • Testing

Testing takes a significant role in any development process. We pay a huge attention to testing new applications. We check everything and perform various types of testing. Only doing it we can be sure that the application is reliable and functions properly. Our team of testers is dedicated to gain ideal result.

  • Device Integration

Mobile applications are easily integrated with hardware devices. It is a big opportunity for business owners. We can help to transform your business process and include device integration there.  Our mobile development experts are able to integrate the application with any hardware.

  • Content Management

If you need any assistance with content planning, try our content management services. Our services and expertise are not limited just with application development. XCubeLabs also deals with content management. We will explain the best ways to create, store and control the content.

  • Business Management Solutions

XCubeLabs  business experts can build a personal strategy for your company. Our solutions consider the customer needs and are based on complete business analysis.

  • Smart TV

Home entertainment goes beyond usual frames. Nowadays people use smart TV and combine it with various applications. Creating Smart TV applications we give people bigger access to home entertainment and ways for getting the content.

  • Analytics

Sometimes it is getting difficult to manage company’s data. We can suggest our analytics services. Your business or organization will see new opportunities for growths after our detailed analysis. XCubeLabs has been working with hundreds of businesses, so you can trust us.

  • Internet of Things

You should try all innovative things for your business growth. It is easy today to be innovative. At XCubeLabs we know what to do to connect modern devices with internet and your home, office or car. It opens new horizons for you.

[x]cube LABS Development Process

The development process is divided into many parts. The team launches alpha and beta versions and tests every function to make sure it works properly. So, XCubeLabs develops applications according to these steps:

  1. They make business analysis and prepare informative research.
  2. Making the application presentation and clickable prototype. Sending a web link to the final version.
  3. Planning and evaluation of the project. Budget and deadline discussion.
  4. Preparing several design concepts and making the graphic design.
  5. Development of the application program.
  6. Application testing.
  7. Application release.
  8. Product optimization and further support.
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