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About Intellectsoft

Intellectsoft is a small company with offices in the USA, Norway, United Kingdom, Finland and United Arab Emirates. The company develops web and mobile software applications.

Intellectsoft is a top provider of mobile and web applications. Our company partners with other organizations, creating perfect programs. We gained good reputation and serve many startups, as well as established firms.

Intellectsoft has developed over 300 custom projects beginning since 2007. We are proud to say that we have many steady customers. In our team there are 200+ dedicated people with huge experience and good technical educations. The company has 7 offices throughout the world. We realize that our purpose is to assist clients during the application development lifecycle and even after the application deployment.

We are capable to develop Windows, Android, iOS, HTML5 software programs along with ERP and CRM suits. Intellectsoft can provide any client with turnkey solutions, if it comes about web or mobile application development.

Intellectsoft Services

–           Mobile app development

Modern process of mobile application development greatly differs from the same process in 90s. We want to explain you why mobile application development is significant for your business. Our experience is very broad it includes applications for Android, Windows, iOS, hybrid and HTML5 mobile devices. Over 250 mobile software applications are delivered to satisfied business owners.

We can help everyone. If your startup wants to attract attention of people, we can create awesome mobile application for you. If you have a well-established business that needs to outrun competitors, we will offer innovative solutions for you too.

Our mobile development services comprise from:

  • Creating special product documentation
  • Business model change
  • Systems integration
  • Professional coding
  • Product testing and custom support

Development of mobile application needs initial consultation, to discuss all nuances. Our specialists can help you with the following:

  • Systems integration
  • Propose additional business opportunities
  • Process enhancement
  • Increase customer satisfaction
  • Digital content security
  • Big data storage

–           Android App Development

–           iOS App Development

–           Web Development

–           Enterprise Solutions

–           Services for SMB

–           Consumers and Startups

If you are a new startup full of fresh ideas come to us and we will collaborate together to deliver a good application. Technology does not sleep, it evolves every day. Intellectsoft presents new approach in mobile and software development, that leads to your business improvement.

We can take any interesting project from the development of complex software application to development of online games. We even can present your software product to audience and promote it. If you are interested in growing own business, we can advise to use innovative technology approach. We will support you at any stage.

Our experience includes:

  • Development of games
  • Mobile marketing promo campaigns
  • Development of mobile software programs
  • Development of web software programs
  • Web design services

We invite you to get consultation with our experts to:

  • To plan marketing campaign
  • Present and visualize the main concept
  • Create production and launch plan
  • Discuss testing opportunities

–           Support and Maintenance

Purchase of application development is a good investment in your business. Any software should be maintained, otherwise it won’t function correctly. Your business grows and the needs are changeable. Later you may notice that the software needs additional features. We can update the software and fix any system bugs to keep it well-maintained. Our development department can offer qualified and in time maintenance services.

We propose these services aimed to support your application:

  • Regular updates and transitions
  • Quality customer support
  • Management of all releases and application deployments
  • Detecting bugs and their fixing
  • Application performance tuning

Intellectsoft Development Process

The development process in Intellectsoft is based on a number of stages, that help us create functional application. As a rule we have alpha and beta versions of the application. Below you will find other our stages.

  1. We begin with research and analysis.
  2. Then we make the application prototype. It is possible to enter it via the link.
  3. Next stage is to plan the project with the details, for example budget, time frames, etc.
  4. We work on graphic design and give clients to choose among several versions.
  5. Our developers create the program.
  6. Our testers check it.
  7. Then we deploy the ready application.
  8. We provide quality support and optimization of the application.
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