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US Office
300 Arthur Godfrey Rd
Miami, FL 33140
United States

Phone #: +1 415 9931 555
Site: http://jatapp.com/

JatApp Offers New Perspectives To Your Digital Business

JatApp is an international software development company. With its main specialization in mobile, game and web development, it provides pervasive solutions considering its inner capabilities in app development, design and consulting services to the clients around the globe.

Speaking about development processes, JatApp team always tries to go beyond customers’ expectations while making sure that the prices for their services are competitive and reasonable enough. Having a 10-year experience of working together, they formed a team of real experts ready to share their expertise with clients.

Why JatApp Is The Right Choice For You

Clients are JatAPP’s main priority. Specialized skills, experience of developers, and the quality of technical resources define the choice of their development approach. The team consists of  Web, Android, iOS, Backend and Games Development professionals. Their proficient level of expertise in different programming languages and strong team spirit makes JatAPP a reliable partner assisting its clients on their way to success.


App Prototyping.
The first and the most important phase before starting development of a new product.

Mobile development:
▪ iOS, Android, Windows Phone;
▪ iOS (Swift, Objective C, WatchKit);
▪ Android (Java);
▪ Cross-platform (SenchaTouch, PhoneGap, JQuery Mobile, Appcelerator Titanium);
▪ Game development (Unity 3D);
▪ API and SDK integration;
▪ QA engineering, manual and automatic testing.

Additional services:
▪ Marketing: promotion of mobile applications using web and app store channels;
▪ Mobile application launch and support.
▪ Initial server setup (including custom, LEMP, and LAMP);
▪ Server optimization and migration;
▪ Amazon services support.

Development Process. Turning Plans Into Reality.

JatApp team ensures that result meets client’s expectation by splitting development process into few major phases:
1.    Research and business analysis of the idea;
2.    Prototype development;
3.    Creation of technical specification;
4.    Creation of Design Concept;
5.    Development;
6.    Testing;
7.    Application launch;
8.    Support and optimization.

What Clients Say

Positive feedbacks of JatApp clients, published on Clutch.co, prove high level of development services and true dedication of the team to their job.
These are only few among many references left by JatApp clients:

“The company is providing outstanding services of application creation. They have a responsive and ready for a dialog team that follows the set time requirements. All was done just as I wanted, even though it’s not easy to correspond to my perfectionist requirements”
— CEO by a Financial Start-up
“I was impressed by how personal was the attitude towards the project. The team seemed to be deeply involved in the development and it was not simply another project. Moreover, all of the questions that we had were answered in detail, and our first experience of mobile project was great”
— Manager in Web Technologies Company

Meeting expectations and building long-lasting relationship with clients makes JatApp a reliable and trustworthy partner.

Reach your goals together with JatApp!

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