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About Appster

Appster is a provider of custom software solutions. The company has several offices in the USA, India and Australia. Today thousands of applications, developed by Appster are in use. Individuals and businesses like the applications. Currently, Appster is offering professional business consulting, strategy planning, growth hacking, retention strategy and user acquisition services. This company is able to find good solutions for everyone.

Appster Services

  • Web Programs Development
  • Business Software Programs Development
  • Mobile Programs Development

Appster Development Process

  1. Concept. We ask our customers to explain their aims. Thus, we form an idea that moves us forward. After detailed discussions we create application manual for developers and designers. Also, client can review it at any time.
  2. Wireframes. We do different mockups. This is a basic layout that is used for further development process.
  3. Designing. Our designers use sketches to make the application design. They are creating logos, buttons, icons and so on.
  4. Application Development. Perhaps, this is the longest part of the process. Coding takes weeks or months, but when programmers finish it, the application begins to function.
  5. Application Testing. We can not give application to customers not having tested it. Quality Assurance team controls the process of testing, recording all bugs.
  6. Bugs Removing. Then programmers recode the program to remove all bugs.
  7. App Store Upload. We undertake the application submission procedure. Once the application is downloaded into the Apple Store, customers start money earning.

Mobile Product Planning
We are doing mobile application planning. If your business needs quality mobile application development, we will create a strategy.

Mobile Design Creation
Design of mobile applications greatly differs from usual web design. Our designers have necessary skills and a good knowledge database to make top quality mobile design.

Mobile Product Creation
We are developing Android and iOS mobile applications in San Francisco.

Application Launch
Application launch to the App store is the last step, but as a rule clients need to maintain the product. We deliver post launch support services.

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