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About Mobiversal

Our company Mobiversal was founded in 2011 in Romania and is a mobile company that develops applications and works with start-ups. We have been working for more than 4 years, our team collected the most competent employees, and during that time we have customers from over 165 countries. Our apps have received thousands of downloads and we are working with such well-known brands such as Forbes, Paymo, Housar, Russmedia, HotSpotz, etc.

The company has been developing Mobiversal apps for IPhone, IPad and Android when we started. We had customers from different countries such as the UK, Germany, Austria, Sweden, etc. for years of work experience. Our work has been nominated for «Top Mobile App Developer in Europe» and holds a leading position in the ranking of the best companies developing games.

We are professionals in creating the best apps, inventing and implementing the ideas of real-world applications. Our employees are creative people who are interested in the development of the company.

Mobiversal Services

  • Product development. We provide services for the business modeling and the company’s strategy. Mobiversal is a fully developed company with multiple offices. If you are interested in creating sustainable business technologies rather than just the usual applications, then you should contact us.
  • Our strategy. We are attentive to your idea and take into account all the nuances by applying our expertise to achieve the goals of the project promotion.
  • UI/UX design. We carefully treat every element in mobile design basing on our extensive experience.
  • Creation of new mobile apps. Every time we are improving in creating of specific applications which are interesting to you, regardless of whether they are entertaining or business apps.
  • The level of Backend server. We are always striving to improve the app and bring them to the level of Backend servers.
  • Presentation of app website. We will help you in creating original microsites or a full-fledged websites for your application.

Mobiversal Development Process

  • Continuous development process. We always try to understand the characteristics of the business. We know about the problems that may arise and how to overcome them. Our development process allows you to constantly analyze and draw conclusions about what we produce.
  • Features and structure. We set what features are in the product and how they work together, and we are developing a skeletal structure of the application in a form of a wireframe.
  • Unique design. We always draw up an opinion on the first impression. That is why we are trying to develop a design that creates your image and allows you to easily work on the basis of instructions that appear on the screen.
  • Guaranteed quality. Our employees are ready to test the application after each sprint, also after the full completion of an app and prepare Beta Build.
  • Launch an application. After Beta Build and passing through the final stage of QA, we will place your app in our app store or help you to do it yourself.
  • Technical maintenance for regular customers. From the third month, we are willing to provide free service and all the packs covering updates and new app versions.
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