EsecForte Review

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About EsecForte

The company EsecForte, which has offices in the United States and India, provides services for the development of custom mobile applications, IT outsourcing, improving technology, safety in the field of information space, the software testing.

Our knowledge and years of experience allows us to always be ahead of our competitors. We provide a wide range of services: the creation of mobile applications, web applications development, provision of information security services, IT services, and marketing for our clients.

We are proud of the fact that we have a huge number of customers all over the world and a lot of regular customers from Europe and USA. We do our best to ensure that all our customers’ expectations have been met by providing assistance in the following areas:

  • Development of mobile apps for the iPhone and Android, including specialized ones, creating tools for daily support.
  • Development of web apps for information security, its testing, control of vulnerability.

At the moment, we are working closely with a large number of customers. Our major clients are such companies as Sharda University, AMD, NeXperia, hogtronix, Eddy Tablet, etc.

EsecForte Services:

Our company believes that all the changes in technology that are constantly taking place in the world are not a threat, on the contrary, it gives opportunities to open up new horizons and try to make benefit of it in order to add new products and make innovative changes in the relationship with our customers. Our specialists use the most advanced solutions in order to improve and maintain all contacts with each new project. This encourages us to work even better with each individual client. Our company has a reputation as the largest and most advanced companies in the world. Every day we try to develop creative ideas for custom applications and we are always happy to do something new for you.

EsecForte Development Process.

  • We work with each client and try to understand all the intricacies of the business and as a result of your ideas formulate the concept that leads to the development of productive applications. We always appreciate all the opportunities, challenges and seek ways to overcome them. Our application development process is divided into sprints and allows you to continuously monitor and analyze what we produce for you.
  • Structure and opportunities. We find functions that will be used in the product and assess how they can work together. At this stage, we are developing a framework for the application.
  • Product design. Everyone knows that first impressions are always caused by design. We are experiencing passion for developing good design of each product, using a frame structure in order so you can easily navigate all on-screen instructions.
  • Quality assurance. Our team throughout the process will monitor and test the application after each sprint. As soon as all functions are implemented, we will prepare for you Beta Build.
  • Launching an application. Right after the application will pass Beta Build and the final QA stage; we will be able to place your product in an application store or to assist you in placing it yourself.
  • Technical support. We provide all of our regular customers with three free service packs. The service includes everything starting with regular updates and ending with the newest versions.
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