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About Metova

Metova company was established in 2006 and currently has 500 employees.

Metova is a leading company, it is known throughout the world for creating mobile, web apps and the provision of such public services, as cybersecurity. It serves government agencies, and more than 500 well-known companies and start-ups. Resolutions presented by Metova are used by the State Department, the Department of Defense, Dropbox, etc. Main services of a company are:

  • Protection
  • Information Services
  • Creation and improvement of web apps
  • RFID
  • Cyberspace operations

The head office is located in Tennessee. There are also offices in Arkansas, Georgia, O’Fallen, Washington, District of Columbia, Florida, Illinoye.

Metova started its business as a company providing quality services on creation of custom applications. Cooperation with the BlackBerry has made it possible to attract clients during first years. Over this time first employees have gone through many permutations and changes that had a major impact on the development of the company.

Metova was acquired by John Adams, CEO of A4 Solutions, who decided to develop applications for the public sector. His company was based on the provision of information services to the government. By combining these two companies and taking part in the trades it became possible to use mobile apps for government. Metova was able to expand its influence in Franklin, Tennessee, Augusta, GA, Washington, Cabot. After the unification of the company it was named Metova Federal.

The main pride of the company is its ability to adapt easily to constant changes in mobile field and rapidly adopt innovations. The first Android phone, T-Mobile G1, served as a basis to develop applications for Android, and in 2009 the company started testing Objective-C and subsequently offer web applications created with Ruby On Rails.

Our company appreciates its clients, because for us they are the most important criteria for determining success. Our staff is excellent communicators, no matter what direction they are engaged in. During project development we allow you to communicate with developers who regularly make reports on the progress of the project and have a two-way dialogue with customers. From the beginning we strive to understand your project and we guarantee you that you are on the right way when cooperating with us. Some of our well-known customers are Dropbox, Microsoft, Premera, Yale, Dunkin’ Donuts, etc.

Metova Services:

  • We build completely customized applications for iPhones. Our company produces high quality iPhone and iPad applications, as well as developing apps for the largest companies. Applications for iPhone and iPad constitute almost a half of our projects thanks to our creative approach and flexible process.
  • We develop high quality applications for Android, which is one of our key objectives.
  • We develop completely customized applications for Windows that is also an important task.
  • Each application created by us has an active web component. We create active web applications and websites.

Our customers love what we do for them, and it allows us to preserve the legacy that we inherited and to develop the company, creating the image of world-famous company.

Metova Development Process

  • Choosing a strategy. You will have your project; we will develop a strategy for your business and create a business plan custom application.
  • Project design. The most important thing is to attract users and keep them. All this is possible with individual design and interface.
  • Project development. Development is our passion. We use our experience and are always ready to make new discoveries.
  • Testing the project. It helps our clients to create and install a reliable application.
  • Training and education. You can send us an inexperienced employee and we will return you a competent developer who is familiar with your project and all requirements.
  • Support of the project. You will always have the current application. We always eliminate all problems.

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