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About PhD Labs

Company PhD Labs started its development in 1998, when founder Robert Patrick was just 18 years old. At such a young age, he decided to start his own consulting business and software development for some companies. Right at DeVry University, Robert was able to organize PhD Computing Inc., and became a young developer of enterprise applications for such companies as Experian and ADP. Then Robert Patrick had begun to develop the company and decided to put together a powerful team for their goal achievement.

Robert Patrick quickly hit on the idea to organize his thriving company during the year, impressed by the work of well-known holders of leading companies such as Jason Martinez, Cliff Coglietti and John Driscoll, focused on the sale of mobile applications. In 2011 Robert teamed up with Organic Sales and they plunged into mobile apps development.

We have started working on design of the company Ph.D. Labs Inc., and today it has appears before you in this form. We’ve done everything carefully and gradually. Now we are proud to take leading position among some of the leading websites for the production of custom applications. Our team has created its own system of developing and running programs for companies, and we are one of the few who have taken the liberty to engage in the development of programs for aspiring entrepreneurs.

Our specialists are not just developers; most importantly they know and love their job. Our task is to organize customer interaction process by hearing and understanding their problems. If you choose us as your developers, you can be sure that your order is in the safe hands. PhD Labs is a partner of hundreds of companies; our main customers are Henkel, Rackspace, Caltrop, Transamerica, etc.

PhD Labs Services

  • Mobile apps. If you have an idea for an app we will help you to implement it in the real product, regardless of whether it is a custom application or a business application. We have the imaginative and experienced professionals who can help bring your ideas to life.
  • Web applications. The company PhD Labs has extensive experience in developing web applications with which you can achieve success in this direction. Major companies all over the world use our services.
  • Marketing applications. We are doing a great emphasis on the social network.

PhD Labs Development Process

  • Plan development. As with any other project, each application development begins with the writing of a plan. This is the first point which we use in work with our customers for further building of a product. Further process comprises the construction of the prototype after the corresponding frame.
  • Project development. Second stage of our work on a project is to develop software. This stage involves our most experienced employees, who are professionals in many disciplines.
  • Start-up and transfer of the project. When our work appears in the global market, we are experiencing an unprecedented pride, and for that we are ready to work day and night, breaking our work schedule.
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