OpenXcell Review

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About OpenXcell

OpenXcell was founded in 2008 and is one of the leaders in the development of custom mobile application services.

OpenXcell is a team of energetic and competent professionals who help create the image of the company. We position ourselves as a company that serves its customers with all the technological power and warmth.

Our team stood at the very beginning and has passed all periods of evolutionary development of the mobile software process. During this time we have been able to establish quality standards and became recognized as one of the best companies providing the creation of mobile applications.

We not only develop custom apps, we follow all the principles of our marketing strategies in order to provide you with qualitative services. We have proved that our team consists of professionals who know and are able to create the most original websites and web applications. We keep a strict control over the quality of our work, so that our customers always chose us. We know how to become the best in dealing with all mobile apps, and therefore we have a reward for our work.

OpenXcell Services

  • Development of mobile design.
  • Software development.
  • Developing applications for trade and commerce.
  • Website development, optimization of gaming applications.
  • Gaming applications design development.
  • Enterprises content management system.
  • Maintenance service and testing.

OpenXcell Development Process

In our company, we strive to find solutions that will increase productivity and give best value for money. We work closely with clients to understand the original problem and to identify possible problems and their solutions. The needs of your business are the most important for our company, and therefore we try to develop the most accurate solutions for different business areas. Considering the capabilities and structure, we set what necessary features for the product and whether they can work together.

Project design. When we begin to talk about our first impressions, we always talk about design. That is why we are experiencing such a passion for excellent design in order to be able to use the application on the basis of the instructions displayed on the screen.

OpenXcell is known as a leading company in the field of innovation and technology. The process of application development is divided into sprints on the basis of a number of functions. Proven development process allows you to constantly monitor what we produce.

Provision of good quality. Our system of quality control tests the application after each sprint, and as soon as all the main features are developed, it will prepare Beta Build for you.

Product launch. After passing Beta Build through the final stage of QA and adjustments, we can place your application in our app store or help you to do this yourself.

And certainly, the technical support and service. We provide our regular customers with free technical service packs that cover everything starting from simple changes and ending with the newest versions.

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