Zco Corporation Review

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About Zco Corporation

Zco Corporation was established in 1989 in USA. At present, the staff of the company is more than 50 people. Zco Corporation specializes in producing software, in developing custom, corporate and animated applications. One of the leading application development companies in Boston rated by Appindex.

Zco Corporation offers services in creating applications for all mobile devices, such as mono-functional phones and tablets. Our company has the most experienced and proven developers who transfer their knowledge into our clients’ projects, in order to create a unique product that corresponds to your requirements. We offer services for the development of mobile and web apps that can work in almost any browser and any operating system. We can create original websites for business, blogs and social networking applications.

Our company is the leader among mobile application developers. Company staff has experience with Java programming language which is used to create applications on the Android. We can offer you branding applications, games, corporate products and much more.

We are constantly improving and increasing the number of our regular customers. Our main partners are such well-known brands as BBC America, Samsung, Microsoft, Motorola, nhpr, etc.

Zco Corporation Services

Development of apps for clients: standard apps for downloading, games. We specialize in the development of these applications. They are suitable for Androids, Windows phones, iPhones, iPads. We offer a unified interface for touch screen mobile phones, tablets and desktop computers in order to make a transition of fixed and mobile appliances as simple as possible. Mobile apps are as important as sites that are in demand for many years. The application can take different forms: catalogs, portals and even games.

Enterprise Software: the beginning and ending, web and desktop. Our standard package includes NET, Java and PHP. If you have your own variants, we can include them. We offer a choice of the optimal variant for multiple devices, and that is what makes us a leading developer.

Animation services: 2D, 3D, fallback interface, augmented reality. We use our standard tools such as Adobe Creative Suite, Blender, etc. to create an individual image or a complete product. Our unique design of 2D, 3D animation, video games, web sites are as varied as software packages. To create a quality demanded application we process every part of animation: design, simulation, demonstration, visualization.

Zco Corporation Development Process

If you need software to order, you can contact us for a free consultation. We will discuss all the issues and prepare the pilot project and value which will be agreed with your managers. If you continue to stay with us, our team will accompany you until the development is completed. In any case, the property right is yours and after the calculations the source code will be signed.

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