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About WillowTree

Willow Tree is a firm, building all types of software applications. This team is developing applications for numerous platforms and new technologies. They specialize not only in development process but also in design, cloud management, strategy planning, optimization and security. Willow Tree clients are numerous. Among them there are small startups and famous ecommerce companies. The company was launched in 2007 in the USA and now it employs around 250 skilled professionals.

Willow Tree Services

iOs Development
We are focused on iOs development, performing quality applications with good functionality. We have already crafted many applications for Apple Watch, iPad, iPhone and Apple TV.

Android Development
Our Android applications are thoroughly engineered and developed. Combining our experience and innovative decisions we deliver effective solutions.

Xamarin Development
Developing products for Xamarin platform we consider all nuances of UX design. It is hard to find difference between our application and native ones.

Web App Development
We deal with crafting of multifunctional web applications. WillowTree developers are able to optimize any mobile site or web mobile application. To deliver ideal final product, we take care of every detail.

UX Strategy
We can give detailed responses to widespread questions: What kinds of applications are successful? And how to create it?

UX Design
We go beyond and give something more than just good user experience. Our UX designers will create wonderful product for your business objectives.

Security and Compliance
When developing a new application, we never forget about levels of protection. As a business owner you need to keep your data in security. Our team will help to protect it.

Mobile Backend Engineering
Huge experience of our API architects allows us to offer custom mobile engineering solutions. Client’s objectives and needs are considered.

Providing deep architect analytics our team follows every step of application development lifecycle.

Willow Tree Development Process

Current mobile application market is full of innovative decisions and new technologies. As a result, mobile application development becomes more sophisticated. We are interested in success of your mobile application, so we pay attention to every step of the development process. We would like to explain you how mobile applications are created.

Step#1 This is a long process that starts with the idea. Firstly, we need to understand the client’s objectives. Then we prepare a technical documentation, based on these objectives.

Step#2 Making the sketch. We do the wireframes to show you how the application will look and functions.

Step#3 We create the application design. Our designers are doing their best to make the application look pretty. We never forget about usability, so the application interface is also simple.

Step#4 Now, the best our developers start coding.

Step#5 We are testing the application. It is important for our QA team to find all bugs. We test the application until it works flawlessly.

Step#6 We fix the bugs and make complete application revision.

Step#7 We download the ready application to the Apple store and our clients begin to earn money.

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