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About Yalantis

Yalantis is a leading company, focused on development of Android and iOS software programs.

Our professional team has been served many startups, small and big companies. People from the USA, Ukraine, Germany, Norway and Denmark know about our brand.

Yalantis company is aimed to develop multiple audio, graphic and numerous functions for mobile gadgets, working on Android and iOS. We show the best results during development process and use all our experience to provide customers with multi-functional products. Our company is able to cope with any challenging task from custom mobile solutions to friendly interface design services.

Yalantis Services

Yalantis specializes on development process. This process includes three main parts: strategy planning, design and development. We have enough skills and knowledge to deliver these services.

  • Strategy Planning

We begin the development process with a proper strategy planning. We consider all nuances to craft competitive and quality product.

We thoroughly plan development of the future product, that is why we consider its advantages, disadvantages and future capabilities. To put it briefly we make SWOT analysis, that helps us find the most suitable solution for clients.

Application Definition
When creating a new software product, it is important to define the primary concepts. The application purpose should be clear for users. Our creative professionals choose the product name and write the description, that is later shown on Google Play Store and App Store. Quality product definition stands out the application among other programs on the market.

User Acquisition Approach
In order to give a good user base for our clients after launching the software product we create action plans. This planning comprises from diverse acquisition tactics, marketing, growth hacking and social media prospecting.

Market Analysis
It is significantly important to analyze the target audience and the market before designing any product. We try to understand needs of the target users and evaluate the product features. The detailed market analysis is also useful for planning promotion campaign.

Key Performance Indicators Evaluation
We analyze KPIs and control the process of goals achievement. First of all we think about the goals and then we create the application with required features to meet these goals. We consider that this tactic is very successful.

Retention Strategy
To make the application really popular we have to develop the user retention strategy. This tactic implies building the personalized approach to users. We try to form good relationships with users via mail, social media platforms and notifications.

  • Design

We are designing a user friendly application. This is our core goal. Every member of our creative team thinks about the end user when designing the product. We combine all necessary elements to design competitive and successful product.

Before designing any product we analyze competitive products, that are available within this niche. The whole our development process is built on the competitive analysis. Therefore competitive audit is one of the first things to do.

Information Architecture
Forming graphical models we visualize the concept and better understand the final product. Our team begins with business requirement and market analysis. We make special diagrams, maps charts to get the proper product vision.

Graphic Design
Design takes the main role, when developing the application. It is impossible to convey the final concept to users without good and clear interface. We follow the latest design tendencies and technology changes.

Before planning the application design, we research the users’ behavior, preferences, needs, wishes and so on. We try to predict every their steps when using our application.

Interaction and UX Designing
We use various tactics to build real prototype of the future application. Using wireframes, paper sketches and some interactive models we create the working product model. Thus, our client can review it and approve. Later, we use it for testing.

We remember about usability at every step. We test the usability of the product and then send the documentation to clients. Working together with our clients we manage to achieve quality and easy-to-use application.

  • Development

We can deliver any Android and iOS development services. Our team strives to perform the best mobile application solutions.

Planning the Project
The initial step is to create a project development roadmap. This is some kind of a draft for the future application. We have the idea of Minimum Viable Product and then start the development. This is a cost-effective and quick strategy for planning the product.

API Design
In order to meet the business requirements we apply RESTful APIs.

Quality Control
The product functions should help to achieve the business requirements. We perform certain quality control activities to make sure that our development process is correct. It means that we review code for bugs before the release day and test the program.

Product Enhancement
After the final product release, we continue to make everything possible to keep the product growing. Yalantis specialists can promote the released application and make it really popular.

Android and iOS Soft Development
There are certain repeated cycles in our development process. We call them iterations. Every iteration lasts around 2 weeks. During this period our developers are performing certain functions. All our team is involved in the development process, thus we create, discuss, design and test the application.

Control Panel Development
Any good mobile application product should have a properly designed control panel. We consider user’s needs and create easy to manage Control Panel.

Support and Updates
Mobile software applications are changing very steadily. As other good development companies we are regularly rolling out new features, updating the product. We support the product and fix any bugs there.

Yalantis Development Process.

Our development process is performed in several steps.

During the first step we are gathering all information, such as main concept, supported devices, desired features. Also we discuss collaboration terms. After that, it is important to estimate the product development budget and time frames.

During the second step we are doing project planning, that involves the following:

  • Project plan
  • Technical requirements
  • Basic design
  • User feedbacks
  • Detailed estimation

During the third step we are dealing with the project development. We create the product prototype considering the client’s requirements. Then we design and test the application. After that we create the demo version and show it to the client. If the client is satisfied we start the next step.

The fourth step is an application release.

The fifth step is the last. At this step we continue to support the product, perform constant updates and add new features.

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